Care tips and size guide

All BIKKOU shoes are in French sizes

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Maintenance tips

In order to preserve the quality of your BIKKOU shoes, we recommend the following general care: keep the shoes clean and dry using a chamois cloth; store them in the dust bag provided, we recommend storing each shoe in a separate bag, away from light, heat, rain and humidity. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces, alcohol, grease or makeup. To avoid color fading, do not store your light-colored item near dark-colored items.

To take care of your BIKKOU shoes, we have selected two products from the FAM ECO range from the FAMACO brand in line with our values ​​and adapted to our vegan materials.

Eco Protect is an eco-friendly waterproofing product, propellant-free and solvent-free.

Eco clean is a gentle cleansing foam enriched with Aloe Vera. Formulated without gas and without solvent, its special pump creates a light and effective foam against dirt. Use on the appropriate chamois and make several light circles on the stain.

You can find these products on our site or directly in store.

Recycled satin

Recycled satin is a delicate fabric, minimal contact with sharp or rough objects may tear or tear it. When in contact with liquid, satin can become stained, so it is important to protect your shoes from rain and other liquids. Additionally, a professional shoe cleaner can advise you in this regard. When not in use, keep your shoes clean, dry and in their care bag.

Recycled glitter

Recycled sequin fabric can be damaged by shoe friction. Due to the delicacy of this material, the item should be handled with care. All glitter fabrics will lose a small amount of glitter. This is not a defect and it is the very nature of the material. If a glitter area becomes bald, the glitter cannot be reapplied. As with all metal finishes, liquids containing alcohol should be avoided. There is no need to waterproof this material.


This material may wrinkle with wear and flexing, which is not considered a defect, but normal wear and tear.

Recycled PET

Our recycled PET is naturally waterproof, so there is no need to waterproof it. It is easy to clean with our Eco clean product or with a pH neutral soap and a soft cloth.

Other vegan materials

We advise you to waterproof them with our Eco Protect, or any other suitable product, in order to avoid any stains and to clean them with our Eco clean product and its chamois.

Ballerinas' bow

Handmade and recycled satin, minimal contact with sharp or rough objects may tear or tear it. We can offer you an alternative solution, do not hesitate to contact us at

Our soles and heels

The color used on our soles may wear away with use; This is not a manufacturing defect, but normal wear and tear. We recommend that you take them to a shoemaker to put a protective pad on our varnished soles. We can take care of this for you or recommend our partner by contacting us at

We chose to color our heels, which allows for greater durability. However, a heel remains fragile and we advise you to avoid any form of abrasion. Don't panic, in the event of a significant scratch following an evening on gravel for example, we are able to change your heel and we invite you to contact us at

With significant wear, the heel tip naturally deteriorates. It is recommended to change them before the inside of the heel begins to be visible. This is important because an unstable heel can cause balance issues and affect the shape of the shoe as a whole. You can change the tip of your heel at our shoemaker ( or the shoemaker of your choice.