We have selected quality fabrics with a lower impact on the environment. Our insoles are made from recycled corn. Our ankle boots are made from Pinatex, a material obtained from cellular fibers extracted from pineapple leaves. Polyester, when we use it, is most often recycled and bio-sourced. Our outsoles are made of Eco-Thunit, produced from approximately 50% recycled rubber and naturally colored.

Arts and crafts

We know our artisans personally with whom we share the same values: family spirit, friendly interactions and fair working conditions. We favor direct relations with each of our suppliers, based exclusively in Europe.


We are determined to reduce the use of plastic bags and cardboard boxes. When you come to the store, your shoes are given to you in beautiful recycled material pouches and a recycled flannel bag. When you order online, we use a recycled or biodegradable shipping box.


We are aware that all production involves an ecological footprint. We are transparent about every material used to make our shoes.